Course: Quality Side of Software Development

A brand new 5-week training is coming on March 10, 2020


Developing an excellent product doesn’t stop where the code ends. Take your development skills to the next level by learning how to deliver high-quality software products that turn heads. This in-depth course will cover everything you need to know about the processes and testing techniques that assure the quality of software and how you can benefit from it as a developer, especially when leading a team.

The course will be structured as 5 x 2.5 hrs lectures, combining presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. It will be held with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 35 participants on site. For everyone who does not have the chance to join in Sofia – a distance learning option is available, where videos of the lectures will be sent after each presentation. Materials will be shared by mail the week after the lecture.

Note: The lectures will be in Bulgarian.

For whom?

Senior and lead developers, tech leads in projects, QA specialists, and other experts in the IT field. Previous experience in the software development process is required to fully benefit from the course.


Note: Discussion with lecturers and networking will be for on-site participants only.


Note: The lectures will not be streamed to e-Learning participants.

After the lecture you will

Understand the processes that assure the quality of software.
Find out why the QA’s role is beneficial to any team.
Learn how to persuade clients to use a QA in every project.
Look at software from a different view.
Learn to reproduce and debug easier by using tools and scripts.
Support the team by putting yourselves in a QA’s shoes.


10.03.2020 - Testing Basics and Documentation
Lecturer: Jenya Tineva


  1. QA training overview
  2. Testing basics
    1. Testing terminology (Types of testing & Testing techniques)
  3. Test plan
    1. Why
    2. Test plan structure
    3. What to track
    4. Creating a test plan
  4. Test management systems
  5. Risk-based testing
  6. Sprint regression testing
  7. Release regression testing
  8. Logging defects
    1. Issue elements and flow
    2. How and when to log issues
    3. Why to log issues
    4. Issues investigation
    5. How QAs perform gray-box testing
  9. Reports – project quality overview
    1. Demonstration
  10. Personal examples
  11. Discussion

17.03.2020 - Web Testing, Debugging & Time Zone Testing
Lecturers: Dimitar Marinov & Yoana Lalova


  1. Web testing
    1. How QAs test
    2. What is the first thing QAs test
    3. Test cases QAs cover
    4. Example of test cases per certain functionalities
    5. How to build web testing matrix
    6. How QAs use Chrome Devs Console
    7. Usability testing
    8. Demonstration
  2. Web Services Testing using Postman
    1. How QAs use Postman
    2. Positive cases/negative cases
    3. Transferring variables
    4. Demonstration
  3. SOAP UI 
    1. How QAs use SoapUI
    2. Transferring data between test steps and test cases
    3. Reusing test cases
    4. Using assertions
    5. Demonstration
  4. Time zone testing
    1. Demonstration

24.03.2020 - Mobile Testing & Debugging
Lecturer: Vеlislava Minkova


  1. Mobile apps testing
    1. How QAs Test
    2. What is the first thing QAs test
    3. Test cases per certain functionalities
    4. How to build web testing matrix
    5. Mobile native matrix
    6. Usability testing
    7. Demonstration
  2. Charles
    1. How QAs use Charles
    2. Web and mobile debugging
    3. Throttling
    4. Map Remote
    5. Map Local
    6. Rewrite
    7. Exercise/demonstration

31.03.2020 - Performance Testing & Automated REST Testing
Lecturers: Stefan Shopov & Iliya Yanev


  1. Performance testing with JMeter
    1. How QAs do performance testing
    2. Thread groups
    3. Metrics
    4. Distributed testing
    5. Performance testing strategy – example
    6. Results reporting
    7. Demonstration
  2. RestAssured/RestSharp
    1. Making REST requests
    2. Verifying response
    3. Getting data from responses
    4. Demonstration

07.04.2020 - QA Processes and Automation
Lecturers: Dilyana Totseva & Georgi Ivanov


  1. QA questions and process matter
    1. Schedule, regression and feature freeze phase
    2. Functional, non-functional requirements – response time
    3. Process Jira – deployment, QA status
    4. Supported environments
    5. Quality communication
    6. What is the definition of a QA ready story
    7. What do we do when we have a defect in production?
    8. Testing matrix
    9. Test strategy and example
    10. Real cases: how to market and sell QA?
  2. Selecting the right automation tool strategy and automation estimation
  3. Discussion


Dilyana Totseva

QA Manager


Dilyana knows well that high-quality solutions are of the utmost importance for any successful business. Therefore, as a QA Manager, she works hard to not only expand her team of QA professionals but also polish their skills. Having an ISTQB certificate, she is experienced in computer science, as well as marketing and can easily combine the precision of technological innovations with the intuition about how to address complex business needs in the best way. Dilyana is a mother, an avid traveler and a great fan of space exploration. Recently she achieved a year-long dream of hers as she witnessed a SpaceX rocket launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Georgi Ivanov

Software Architect in Automation


Currently an Automation Software Architect, Georgi has over 8 years of experience in the field of QA. He is an expert in both automation and manual testing, holding an ISTQB certification, and has developed and executed testing strategies in various mobile, web and desktop projects. Georgi is an outstanding mentor with a great passion for knowledge sharing and not only does he lead his own automation training course but also spoke about testing microservices at a DevTalks lecture in 2019. The thing he loves the most about his job is the opportunity to face a different challenge every day.

Stefan Shopov

QA Lead


Stefan is a QA lead combining different roles — he’s an expert in software testing, runs training sessions, and mentors new colleagues. His qualifications include an ISTQB Foundation Level certificate, a completed CISCO CCNA training and a Scrum Master certificate. As sharing knowledge is a passion of Stefan’s, he spoke at a DevTalks event in 2017, organized a QA workshop at MobCon Europe and was the person behind the QA Academy in Ruse in 2019. Stefan loves playing tennis and table tennis, enjoys cycling and takes enormous pleasure in traveling the world — he has already been to 5 continents visiting over 30 countries.

Jenya Tineva

QA Lead


For Jenya a great value lies in sharing her knowledge with everyone eager to learn and seeing them develop their talents. Naturally, she joined the QA Academy in Ruse as a lecturer and shared her QA experience spanning more than 7 years. She’s gained her expertise in a wide variety of projects, from healthcare and CRM systems to online media channels to different weather apps. Not only when working with her team, but also outside of work, Jenya is very active and probably the best reflection of this is her passion — giving dance classes.

Iliya Yanev

Senior Automation QA


Iliya loves the challenge of working in a dynamic environment where no two days are ever the same. As a Senior Automation QA, he performs automation tests, helps his colleagues whenever needed and also does some back-end and DevOps tasks. The focus of his work lies on technologies such as AWS, Docker, Kafka, Jenkins, Spring Boot, and Selenium and overall, the automation of every step of the project cycle. He has passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam and has completed a Docker Mastery and a Spring Framework DevOps on AWS course. A life without music is hardly imaginable for Iliya, who has played the guitar in 4 different bands belonging to various music styles. He also likes trekking and playing chess.

Dimitar Marinov

QA Lead


With a lot of releases behind his back and years of experience in a large healthcare project, Dimitar is a valuable resource for the QA team he is leading. He is a lecturer for JMeter, User Story and Design Analysis, and Automation (SoapUI). In the future, he’d like to further expand his expertise in performance testing, with JMeter, and back-end testing, with Postman and SoapUI. As Dimitar is greatly interested in history and historical sites, especially from the classical era and the Middle Ages, it is only natural that in his free time he loves visiting fortresses and castles. Whenever he is not out exploring history, he goes to the gym or watches movies.

Yoana Lalova

QA Analyst


A proficient analyst with more than 3 years of QA experience, Yoana has established herself as a proven specialist who sets the tone with her insights and ownership skills. She has developed her expertise by working on a mobile app for measuring blood sugar levels, a platform for creating lesson plans for students and a purchasing app for airline tickets using no monetary fees. Yoana was also a lecturer at a number of internal QA training sessions in the last year and continues to mentor. Her qualifications include a completed Automation training course and a Scrum Master certificate. She is an avid reader with a keen interest in engaging in more challenging automation projects.

Velislava Minkova

QA Analyst


Velislava is in charge of testing mobile applications, responsive websites, admin portals, etc. with the help of various testing technologies and instruments. She was also a lecturer at the first QA Academy, held in Ruse in 2019. Before being tempted by the daily challenges and great variety of quality assurance, Velislava used to work as a teacher in physics, driven by her love for science. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, and taking long walks on weekends. She shares her home with Lord Reginald, a handsome tomcat.

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