Practical Webinar

А Journey From Java 8 to Java 14

Practical Webinar

А Journey From Java 8 to Java 14


What Will You Get

New Oracle policy on releasing Java versions
Possible JVM vendors
How much Java costs
New Java features
Modularity in Java
What Local Variable Type Inference is

Meet the Speaker

Software Architect

Stefan Angelov

Stefan is a trainer and developer with more than 6 years of experience who loves to constantly learn and improve his skills. He specializes in Java SE and Java EE (Spring, Microprofile, Apache Camel, etc.) and many more.

Currently a Software Architect at MentorMate, he loves to share his knowledge and mentor other less experienced developers. Stefan is passionate about machine learning and computer vision. In his free time, he teaches kids to program in two academies he co-founded.

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A Journey from Java 8 to Java 14





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