Common Patterns in Microservices and the QA Way Around It

Common Patterns in Microservices and the QA Way Around It


What Will You Get

How to set up and use Saga
How to build microservices with event sourcing
How to write documentation with tests using Spock
What is cqrn and how to use it
How to leverage groovy to test microservices
How to easily create data-driven tests with Spock

Meet the Speakers

Software Architect

Stefan Angelov

Stefan is a trainer and developer with more than 5 years of experience, who loves to constantly learn and improve his skills. He specializes in Java SE and Java EE (Spring, Microprofile, Apache Camel, etc.) and has experience in JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, CodeIgniter, and many more.

Currently, a Senior Java Developer at MentorMate, he loves to share his knowledge and mentor other less experienced developers. Stefan is passionate about machine learning and computer vision. In his free time, he also teaches kids how to program in an academy in which he’s the co-founder.

and different Java and Android trainings in an IT Academy in Sofia. He loves to share knowledge and dedicates his time to people who love to learn.

Automation Software Architect

Georgi Ivanov

Georgi is ISTQB certified QA with more than 8 years of experience in the QA field. Now he is an Automation Software Architect at MentorMate. An expert in automation and manual testing, he has developed and executed testing strategies in various mobile, web and desktop projects.

Georgi is an outstanding mentor and has a great passion for knowledge sharing and leads his own automation training course. What he says he loves about his job is the opportunity to face a different challenge every day.

at a glance


Part 1

What are Microservices

When, where and how to use common patterns in microservices

Event sourcing
Keeping the consistency with Saga
Read-only information with Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)


Part 2

What are Groovy and Spock

Writing tests and documentation at the same time

Leveraging Groovy and Spock to create functional tests

How to easily make our tests data-driven


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