Putting it all together with Apache Kafka

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Meet Deniz

Senior Software Developer

Meet Vasil

Software Development Lead – JAVA



The lecture will be a dive into the popular Apache Kafka stream-processing software platform. We will explore the abstractions Kafka provides and the ecosystem that the Confluent platform brings around it.

Nice to have

The demo in the lecture would be done using the Apache Kafka Java client, so basic Java experience is required.



After the lection you will know

How to setup a local Kafka cluster that is scalable, robust and quick
How to build applications that can publish and subscribe to data
How to make a Kafka cluster in completely decoupled systems
What is the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline
Which are the core Kafka architectural concepts and components
Which are the Kafka developer APIs
Prepared for...


  1. What is Kafka
  2. Use Cases
  3. Kafka Fundamentals
    1. Records
    2. Producers & Consumers
    3. Topics & Partitions
    4. Offsets
    5. Partitioning
    6. Consumer Groups
    7. Delivery Guarantees
    8. Cool Features
    9. Clients
  4. Demo

Deniz Hashimov

Deniz has more than 6 years of experience in the field of software development. Previously, he worked as a Java developer for a startup and have encountered many big data technologies like Hadoop, HDFS and Spring Boot. 

Deniz has proven track record of successful projects for startups, medium and enterprise companies in the US in sectors like healthcare, IT, media, education and many more. Currently, Deniz is а Senior Software Developer at MentorMate, but still likes to explore front-end as well to fulfill his dream to make an awesome Full-stack Developer one day.

In the past, Deniz has led many seminars and courses, including MobCon Europe (with his topics “Material Design in Android” and “Mobile Security” in two consecutive years) and different Java and Android trainings in an IT Academy in Sofia. He loves to share knowledge and dedicates his time to people who love to learn. 

Technical competence:

Vasil Nonchev

Vasil is a passionate software engineer with almost 10 years of professional experience with Java and Android technologies. Previously, he was a developer for a banking software project, where he explored Java, GWT, Swing and related technologies, before joining MentorMate more than 4 years ago.

Vasil likes to implement enterprise solutions that also lay a solid foundation for future development. His professional experience also includes the development of multi-tier web applications using Java enterprise technologies and projects for companies in the US related to finance, cloud, food industry and many more. Currently, Vasil is a Software Development Lead at MentorMate.

Vasil has led many seminars and courses, including at a tech conference in Plovdiv in 2014 (where he talked about Android memory leaks) and DevTalks events about “Empowering the smart home with OpenHAB”. Vasil is not the typical day-to-day programmer – he also likes to mentor other young technologists and always seeks for ways to overcome challenges using Git.

Technical competence:


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