Succeding in AI Projects

AI Project Scoping: From Idea to Execution

Supported by MentorMate and IIBA

2 November
6:30 PM (EEST)
Professor Tsvetan Lazarov 67, MentorMate Sofia

A New Age Guide to AI Project Scoping

This session breaks down traditional AI and machine learning processes, uncovers common bottlenecks, and dives into the crucial role of project leadership. You’ll come away with a step-by-step guide to scoping valuable AI projects across various industries, along with insights into responsible and ethical AI development. Whether you’re an aspiring AI architect or a business leader, this is your blueprint for success in AI projects.

How Prompt-Based Development Changes the Game

Step into the future of AI development with our exploration of prompt-based techniques. This session zeroes in on how this innovative approach is revolutionizing project timelines and output quality. Learn how prompt-based development enables parallel experimentation and rapid iteration through real-world use cases and technical insights. If you’re aiming to keep up with the fast pace of AI innovation without compromising on responsibility, this session is for you.


Note: This on-site event will be held in English. It’s free of charge, but registration is mandatory.


Meet the Speakers

Bozhidar “Bobby” Bahov

Senior Business Analyst II


With more than a decade of experience in software product development, Bobby seamlessly navigates the intersection of cutting-edge technology and business efficacy. Starting his career as a software developer, he quickly advanced into project and product management roles. He has managed projects and consulted a varied clientele — from startups to large corporations, as well as governmental organizations and NGOs. He has also spearheaded multiple innovative ventures and programs focused on AI tools, satellite data, and space technology.


An alumnus of the Rotterdam School of Management with a Master’s degree in Business Information Management, he’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. researching AI simulations, digital twins, and synthetic data. Today, as a Senior Business Analyst at Mentormate, he continues to be a driving force for innovation — and make no mistake, he’s still one of the biggest geeks you’ll find around.

Georgi Naydenov

Business Analyst II


Georgi is a versatile professional with a deep dive expertise and a broad understanding across multiple areas. His proficiency lies in his capability to identify, analyze in depth, and synthesize data to allow for the maximization of business value. His proficiencies extend to both healthcare and energy analytics.


His enthusiasm for data and AI is unwavering, particularly in the prompt engineering area. Over the past year, he’s been actively researching ways to integrate foundation models, such as GPT-4, Vicuna, Claude, Falcon, and Llama 2, into his daily workflows and projects. Georgi is enthusiastic about providing guidance on mitigating language models’ hallucinations and optimizing their efficiency, thereby enabling the implementation of the models’ output for tangible product development. In his leisure hours, Georgi is infatuated with metal core concerts and mosh pits that complement his journey of self-learning the guitar.

At a glance


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  • 6:30 PM
    Welcome and introduction from MentorMate & IIBA
  • 6:45 PM
    A New Age Guide to AI Project Scoping
  • 7:15 PM
  • 7:30 PM
    How Prompt-Based Development Changes the Game
  • 8:00 PM
  • 8:10 PM
    Networking & raffle with awards

AI Project Scoping: From Idea to Execution

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